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Comprehensive Hearing Services is proud to serve Montana’s Veterans, and we take our responsibility very seriously. Montana’s VA Hearing Program is second to none; they offer premium hearing technology and contract with the most well-qualified private audiologists to ensure an exceptional experience.

Military StrongWe became a member of the Military Strong community by participating in the PsychArmor Institute’s Veteran-ready Certification program. The goal of the challenge is to build the community’s awareness about the unique needs of service members, veterans, and their families while empowering everyone to be more supportive of those who serve. Military Strong also aims to prevent suicide among this population.


Request an Audiology Consult through the Community Care Program

Contact Fort Harrison at 406-447-7400

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Prior to sending your hearing aid to DALC for repair, please contact us at (406) 204-4205 or walk in to our Helena office. Most hearing aids only require minor repairs and these can be accomplished while you wait! If your hearing aid should need to be sent to DALC for repair, we are happy to take care of this for you. When the aid is returned to us, we will verify the programming and ensure the aid has been configured correctly.

The VA Denver Acquisition and Logistics Center (DALC) provides logistical support for the hearing aid repair program for the VA. Most makes and models of VA authorized hearing aids are repaired either at DALC or a contracted commercial repair vendor.

Veterans who have hearing aids that are authorized by the VA may send them for repair to the DALC. However, you may want to contact our office for possible assistance prior to sending it to the DALC.

To send your hearing aid(s) for repair to the DALC, complete VA Form 1107, Request for Repairs and/or Accessories. Please download and print a copy of VA Form 1107, complete the form and include it with your hearing aid(s). This form can also be used to request replacement tubing, cords or other accessories, if needed.

Please ensure that you send your hearing aid(s) in a sturdy shipping box. Please pack the aids carefully in appropriate wrapping material prior to placing in the shipping box. If you do not have a shipping box, please contact the DALC Lab by email: [email protected] or call (303) 273-6200. They will send a box to you, which can be used to send your aids in for repair. The box will also contain VA Form 1107, wrapping material and a postage-paid return address label to mail your hearing aids to the DALC. No postage or insurance is required for hearing aid repairs if you use the postage-paid return address label.

After your hearing aid(s) are received at the DALC, you may anticipate receiving your repaired hearing aid(s) within approximately 20 days. Your repaired aids will be returned in a box that can be used for future repairs.

When sending one of the following aid types for repair, please include all parts listed:

  1. Body Aid type — aid, cord, and receiver
  2. Cros or Bi-cros type — both receiver and transmitter units must be sent. Repairs cannot be completed if both units are not sent in.

Please do not send presentation cases with your hearing aid. Presentation cases or carrying cases are not required for extra protection. The wrapping material and shipping box provide sufficient protection. Sending cases will result in handling delays.


Do not send hearing aid(s) in an envelope. In most cases, an envelope is processed by a machine and the machine will crush the hearing aid.


Batteries for Hearing Aids and Other Devices

The VA (DALC) predominantly provides zinc air batteries for use in hearing aids. However, different battery types are also available for use in other battery powered devices such as artificial larynxes, assistive listening devices, and other devices such as neuromuscular stimulators.


How to Order Batteries

Veterans who are authorized to receive batteries from the VA have several ways to request additional batteries. Please reorder when your remaining supply of batteries is sufficient for approximately 30 days. Based on the information contained in your request, each order will contain batteries sufficient to operate your hearing aid or device for approximately six months.

  1. Complete VA Form 2346, Request for Batteries and Accessories. Please download and print a copy of VA Form 2346, complete the form and mail it to the DALC at the address provided on the form.
  2. You may now order batteries online. Users of the online ordering system are required to register through the E-Authentication credentialing process. E-Authentication is a government-managed service that makes it possible for veterans to gain access to government services online. View the procedures to gain access to the VA site to order batteries.
  3. You may send an order via email to [email protected].

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please call the DALC Customer Service Section at (303) 273-6200.

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