Does Your Loved One Have a Hearing Loss Too?

As someone who experiences hearing loss, you’re at a unique advantage to help others in your life recognize their own. Here are some signs to look for to see if it’s time to help someone seek treatment.

  1. How’s their balance? Responsible for our body’s balance, the vestibular system in the inner ear could be causing hearing problems as well as stability issues.

  3. One sided. Look to see if your loved one favors an ear and leans into the conversation that direction. One ear could be affected more than the other, causing them to attempt to use their “good ear.”

  5. Isolation. As you know, places with background noise are harder to hear in when you are hearing impaired. If you notice that your loved one doesn’t want to do the things that once made them happy, it could be because they’re avoiding noisy events and outings.

  7. It’s not funny. If you notice your loved one laughing at your jokes more frequently, it may not mean that you’ve hit your comedic stride. It could be that they want to feel engaged and are trying to take social cues from those around them because they can’t hear what’s going on.

  9. Saying yes or no at the wrong time. If their replies seem out of place, it might not be that they are distracted. It could be that they aren’t able to fully understand you.

  11. Turning up the volume on the television, radio, and other devices. This sign is pretty self-explanatory: If your family member or friend can’t hear, they are going to adjust devices so they can.

  13. Social situations. It can be difficult to admit to hearing loss, and at times the situation is avoided altogether — at all costs. Sounds coming in differently and with less clarity can lead to social anxiety.

  15. Placing blame. Have they been blaming outside noise or others for a misunderstanding in the conversation or an out-of-place response? Rather than admit there’s a problem, sometimes it’s easier to act like outside factors are the issue.

  17. “What?” If you feel like you are repeating yourself more often, it is a good time for your family member or friend to get their hearing checked.

If more than a few of these hit home, then it is time to refer your friend or loved one to us for a hearing aid consultation.

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