It’s an exciting time to need new technology, because we’ve recently added a completely new line of AGX® technology to our portfolio — the AGXR and AGXR Premium. AGXR technology is not only designed to seamlessly integrate with your life, but it’s also made to enhance it. We’ve combined our latest technology with a customizable fit and advanced accessories to create a device that adapts to you.

  • Listen, Learn, Love: AGXR technology is always working to give you a clear sound no matter how loud, windy, or distracting the environment, so you can focus on what makes you you.
  • A Match Made for You: Fit, style, and colors pair with your lifestyle.
  • It’s Super: AGXR brings superb sound to people with all types of hearing loss, even those with severe and profound hearing impairments.
  • It’s More Than a Hearing Aid: AGXR is made for iPhone®, providing you stereo sound from your favorite movie, crystal-clear calls from home, and connectivity with your favorite apps.
  • It Helps With Tinnitus, Too: Only you know what your experience with tinnitus is like, so only you can decide what helps. Be in control of what you hear and how you hear it with our tinnitus tuner.

Why Do I Need New Technology?

By obtaining better hearing, your lifestyle needs have most likely changed. With this enhancement comes a need to reevaluate the effectiveness of your technology solution, as your hearing over the past couple of years has likely changed. Though you’re taking great care to preserve your hearing, most patients don’t realize it can still decrease over time. When you come in to see us, we’ll check to make sure the technology you’re wearing now is still tailored to fit both your hearing and your lifestyle goals.

As you know, we believe that alone your hearing aids are just hearing aids, but in the hands of a hearing care professional, they are the keys to a better way of life. Our team of hearing care specialists and the rest of our staff are united in helping you continue to obtain your better-hearing goals.

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