Recently, our very own Dr. Hillary Carter was interviewed about hearing loss on Healthy Living for Life, a weekly series from Mountain-Pacific Quality Health. The topics ran the gamut, but here’s a sampling of what you’ll find if you check out the video.

Types of Hearing Loss

We’re all familiar with permanent hearing loss from loud noise or aging, but did you know simply getting your ears cleaned can help your hearing? From wax buildup to swimmer’s ear, there are plenty of ways to experience temporary, easily treatable hearing loss. Plus, if you know someone with chronic ringing or buzzing in their ears, there’s a strong chance they have hearing loss as well.

Causes of Hearing Loss

Dr. Carter gives you specific examples about what types of noises are safe and why. She also discusses two public health issues that you might be surprised can affect your hearing. Plus, she provides tips for protecting your hearing, whether you’re a sports fan, music lover, or hunter.

Hearing Device Options

Did you know hearing technology isn’t one size fits all? Dr. Carter explains why it’s so important to involve a professional in your hearing health treatment, and she tells you about the latest technological advances in hearing care.
Watch the full video down below to learn more — if you have questions or would like to get your hearing checked, contact us today!


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