Great gifts come from the heart. Show how much you care with these thoughtful finds focused on creating connections at any age.


Headphones: Media and music are more accessible than ever, making headphones and, in turn, hearing loss popular. Give your grandkids a gift they’ll love now and appreciate later with hearing-conscious headphones. Look for over-the-ear headphones that block out background noise, limit volume to 85 decibels, and are durable.

Speech- and language-development toys: These toys inspire younger children to use new words in real-world situations rather than memorizing. Look for multi-use language boosters without batteries that pique children’s imaginations, such as blocks, costumes, or themed play sets.


Musicians’ earplugs: Teens love their music loud and live. Help protect their ears now so they can continue to enjoy their favorite artists later. These earplugs turn down the decibel volume evenly so the sound is natural and clear.

Stationery set: This gift encourages a different form of communication that everyone will appreciate. Look for a theme that represents their personality and you’re sure to get a personalized thank you!


Earbuds: Give them hearing-healthy earbuds to help celebrate the sounds of the season. Look for earbuds that remove the temptation to turn up the music too high and that have a noise-canceling option.

Earmuffs: Fit for those who work with power tools or attend sports games, earmuffs that have soft, padded ear cups with a slim headband are best. Also look for foldable, easy-to-carry earmuffs, as well as reflective ones.


Personalized sound wave jewelry: Capture the words that matter most with a personalized sound wave picture or necklace. Creators take a recording of a special message from a loved one and turn it into a visual representation of those sentiments.

Hearing aid accessories: From FM systems to neck loops and captioned phones, there are countless hearing aid accessories out there that will make your life easier and even more enjoyable!