Comprehensive Hearing Services gave back to the local community this holiday season through our first ever Holiday Hearing Aid Giveaway. Individuals were encouraged to nominate themselves or someone they know who was in need or would benefit from hearing aid technology on the Comprehensive Hearing Services Facebook page. hearing aid giveaway winner 2015

The winner was selected by the community by the number of likes contributed to the nominee. In addition to the AGX® hearing aids, the deserving winner also received a three-year warranty that protects the devices from wear and tear, a three-year protection against loss or damage, a three-year supply of batteries, and a lifetime of free clean-and-checks from Comprehensive Hearing Services.

Leon Peterson is the lucky winner who will receive a pair of AGX5 hearing aids valued at $4,990.

“Our local community has been great to us,” said Dr. Hillary Carter, Au.D., of Comprehensive Hearing Services. “We love all of our patients; everyone is very kind here, and we wanted to give some kindness back. This giveaway was a way for us to give back to our local community and really show our appreciation. At Comprehensive Hearing Services, we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life. We can’t wait to deliver the gift of better hearing to Leon this holiday season!,” said Dr. Carter.

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