More than 50 percent of Baby Boomers are affected by some level of hearing loss. The Better Hearing Institute in Alexandria, VA has shown that hearing loss has a negative impact on careers, resulting in sub-standard job performance, decreased income levels and retirement savings.

Struggling to hear can causes workers with hearing loss to miss important information and become disengaged, giving employers the impression of lack of ability to perform the required job. As a result, the worker receives fewer pay increases and promotions. Job performance (and pay rates) can improve through the use of assistive listening devices like amplified phones and other technical devices. Workers with significant hearing loss who improve their ability to hear by wearing hearing aids can restore lost income by 50 percent.

Planning for the future requires a diversity of savings strategies. Don’t overlook your ability to maximize your earning potential. Take command of your future earnings and your ability to save for tomorrow by having your hearing tested today!