A Remarkable Award for a Remarkable Doctor

In March, Dr. Carter earned the Salyers Remarkable Award for exceptional service to patients at Audigy’s Owner Summit, an annual event that highlights innovations in hearing technology, regulatory changes, industry trends, and industry best practices.

The award description reads, in part: “Forging deeper emotional bonds with your team to encourage passionate performances, a high level of engagement in the spirit of higher productivity, and the unwavering belief in limitless growth and potential create the foundation for your commitment to remarkability and make you an exemplary leader in your field.” The awards given out by Audigy honor the recipients for exemplifying the traits of the leader for whom the award is named; in this case, David Salyers, vice president of Chick-fil-A and coauthor of the book Remarkable!: Maximizing Results Through Value Creation.

Audigy’s comments about Dr. Carter included, “Through realignment of her team, a focus on internal processes and procedures, and a resilience that is second to none, Hillary has strategically positioned her practice as the leading practice in her area … and empowered her team with the leadership, tools, and training necessary to propel them forward on their path to remarkable.”

Well done, Dr. Carter!

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