Keeping resolutions is a little easier with some lighthearted encouragement, so we’ve written our favorite moments that are best enjoyed with better hearing.

From a grandchild’s first words to the melodic rhythm of your car humming down the highway, our ability to hear clearly enriches our daily lives. Whether you’re going through hearing loss yourself or supporting someone who is, we hope this list reminds you how important ear care is — and not just for day-to-day living but for living life to the fullest.

  1. Terms of endearment, like your spouse whispering “I love you” before bed, just like they have for years.
  2. Compliments, because it is always nice to know just how good your home cooking is or how festive your house looks this season.
  3. “I do” — whether it’s your own, your children’s, your grandchildren’s…
  4. Firsts, like your grandchildren saying their first words, and a little later, hearing them say your new name.
  5. Being read a story or being asked to read one yourself — either way, there are imagination, expression, accents, and cuddling involved.
  6. Important information such as “You dropped this,” “Your plane is now boarding,” or “STOP!”
  7. Sports moments, like the crack of the bat and the slow roar of the crowd as the ball leaves the park.
  8. Music, from the classics to your grandkids’ recitals to those awesome speakers with that fancy technology that just came out.
  9. Jokes, whether they’re inside jokes, punch lines, or the giggles of your family members — which are, of course, at the expense of your very clever joke.
  10. White noise, like the silence of the snow, the rain on your bedroom window, and how your spouse always taps their pen when they are in deep thought.

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