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Healthy Living for Life — Dr. Carter Edition

Healthy Living for Life — Dr. Carter Edition

Recently, our very own Dr. Hillary Carter was interviewed about hearing loss on Healthy Living for Life, a weekly series from Mountain-Pacific Quality Health. The topics ran the gamut, but here’s a sampling of what you’ll find if you check out the video.   Types of Hearing Loss We’re all familiar with permanent hearing loss […]

Earwax Dos & Don’ts. Hint: Hold the Cotton Swabs!

Earwax, that yellowish-brown goo, might inspire an “Ick!” or two, but managing it the right way can make a difference in your hearing health. Here’s a primer on why you have earwax and what to do about it. Why is earwax in your ear? Earwax, or “cerumen,” results from secretions by the ceruminous glands in […]

8 Notable African-Americans With Hearing Loss

With an estimated one in five Americans directly touched by hearing loss — a common chronic condition that spans race, gender, age, and socioeconomic status — some icons in pop culture and beyond have experienced this challenge in their own lives. As the nation celebrates Black History Month this February, take a look at these […]

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