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Here’s a Little Something to Help You Hear Better

Here’s a Little Something to Help You Hear Better

It’s an exciting time to need new technology, because we’ve recently added a completely new line of AGX® technology to our portfolio — the AGXR and AGXR Premium. AGXR technology is not only designed to seamlessly integrate with your life, but it’s also made to enhance it. We’ve combined our latest technology with a customizable […]

Our Commitment to You

It’s our job, passion, and commitment to you to help you hear your best, allowing you to reconnect and enjoy what matters most. When we talk about you being your best, it’s essential that we make sure we’re doing ours. So what does the best in hearing care mean to us and, in turn, to […]

How Age Affects Speech Comprehension

Recent research has provided a wealth of new information about hearing loss and the brain, from where hearing actually happens — in the brain, not the ears — to how hearing loss can lead to issues such as dementia and depression. But the results from a new study suggest the brain even processes speech differently […]

How to Ease Ear Infection Pain at Home

We’ve had earaches too, and we know they are no fun. Getting relief at home is not a cure for an ear infection (or otitis media), but these tips sure will help! With cold and flu season, as well as the customary cooler temperatures, comes the increased risk of ear infection for children and adults. […]

How to Improve Your Balance with Yoga

[Headline] How to Improve Your Balance with Yoga According to Temple University research, women 65 and older who took twice-weekly yoga classes for nine weeks increased ankle flexibility and showed more confidence in walking. Flexibility and confidence? Sign us up!   What Is Balance? Yoga can help with two types of balance — both physical […]

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