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The Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids You’ve Never Heard Of

The Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids You’ve Never Heard Of

When it comes to communication, hearing is our most important sense — it allows us to gather auditory information during normal day-to-day activities. Hearing not only allows us to socialize, communicate at work, and talk with our loved ones, but it also warns us of potential danger. When our hearing is impaired, it affects our […]

Make the Most of Your Flexible Spending Account

Why you should spend your flex account dollars on your ears. Did you know your employer has helped to alleviate some of your health care costs with your flex spending account? Get the most out of your account by making sure you’re spending your money wisely. Hearing is crucial for enjoying everything from music to […]

Could Ototoxic Drugs Be Affecting Your Hearing Without Your Knowledge?

What Is Ototoxicity? The definition of ototoxicity, in its simplest form, is ear poisoning (“oto” references the ear and toxicity references “poisoning”). Chemicals, drugs, and other agents that are known to cause hearing loss, balance disorders, or tinnitus are referred to as ototoxic. Damage to the auditory system can occur when the vestibulo-cochlear nerve, which […]

The Warning Signs and Real-Life Impact of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss symptoms aren’t associated only with your hearing. Be aware of the important and predictive signs of hearing loss — and how to help — with this guide. How Hearing Loss Happens: Hearing loss can occur as a result of many different factors, including noise exposure, trauma, disease, aging, and ototoxicity. It can also […]

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