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How Hearing Loss Affects Our Bodily Processes

How Hearing Loss Affects Our Bodily Processes

Our bodies require clean fuel and nutrients to run properly. Research over the past several decades has shown that hearing health is closely related to many bodily processes, including memory, heart function, blood health, and even stress and anxiety. Whether those processes cause or simply indicate a hearing impairment is still up for debate, but […]

Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive?

When you purchase a hearing aid, you are purchasing a personal hearing care system. That includes the hearing aid device and the professional services that are critical for individual maximum benefit from the device. According to the Hearing Industries Association (HIA), one reason hearing aids are expensive is because of the tremendous amount of research […]

In-the-Ear Open Hearing Aids

How many times now have you heard us talk about the advantages of open ear technology? This technology has always focused on small behind-the-ear hearing aids. Now several companies have allowed for this technology in in-the-ear hearing devices. As the components of the hearing aid are housed in the ear, that leaves only a certain […]

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